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Iskren Giokov - Menager

Phone: +359-897-563-933

Skype: Iskren8100

E-mail: Iskren_giokov@abv.bg

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We will help you to make the entrance of your home more exemplary, quite friendly, for to keep your personal information inviolable.  Pictures

Mounting mailbox


Manufacture, installation and repair of mailboxes
mailbox Mounting

You need a mailbox for your new home or for the entrance in your new building?

You need something special and safe, but also unique and very chic.

You've come to the right place. W're specialized in the manufacture and installation of quality mailboxes chipboard.

We produce single boxes and boxes mounted monoblock.

We offer a wide range of colours and materials comprehensive resource quality, locking devices by your choice for your better security. We are the best on the market.

We work on individual projects for the colour and size of your choice.

We cut, edge, drill, assemble and install produced mailboxes.

We use high quality material chipboard 18mm, edge 0.8mm, with two key locks, hinges, we install a quality plugs manufactured by Hilti.

We prepare and assemble unique engraved metal plaque made with the latest laser technology system ULS M-25.30.

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